Seoul Kitchen – Korean Fusion Food Truck

One day, two food truck chefs told me about Seoul Kitchen.  That’s not uncommon.  What is uncommon is the raving I heard about the food.  In the last week, I’ve visited Seoul Kitchen twice.  My first visit was at 2nd & Pike.  Since I was eating at another truck, I decided to go light, buy a few things, and share with friends.  I got Kimchi Fries … Continue reading Seoul Kitchen – Korean Fusion Food Truck

Wood Shop BBQ – Coming to a street near you!

I’m in love with these ribs!  After trying the food from Wood Shop BBQ, I have to say this is one of my favorite new trucks.  A month ago, I saw pit master Matt Davis and super nice food truck owner James Barrington of Hallava Falafel fame at a funding event.  Matt was hidden in the back and he had ribs.  Ribs!  I thought to … Continue reading Wood Shop BBQ – Coming to a street near you!

Changes for Crisp Creperie

By now, you may have heard the big news. As reported on Facebook yesterday, Jonathan Amato and Evan Mayer are pursuing a new project and leaving Crisp Creperie.  I struggle with the prospect of a change in ownership. Last year, one of my favorite food trucks was sold and it hasn’t been the same. That being said, I’m happy for Jon and Evan. I remember the first … Continue reading Changes for Crisp Creperie