Changes for Fish Basket

In December 2012, I went to visit the Fish Basket food truck at Chuck’s Hop Shop Greenwood.  I remember being really excited since the truck was new and didn’t really have a Seattle route back then.  I was surprised to see that Van and Amanda knew exactly who I was when I arrived.  Since that day and every day I’ve visited since, Fish Basket’s food has been impeccable.
In December 2015, the hard working family behind Fish Basket opened a bricks location called Burien Fish House.  On my first visit there, the place was packed with a steady stream of customers.  I snagged a tour of the kitchen and had a lovely meal of my favorite dishes.  This was before a number of news articles that I’m sure have made it even busier.
A few days ago, it was reported that the Fish Basket food truck has been sold to an undisclosed, well-respected chef.
The great thing about following food trucks is I get to see some owners move on to bigger and better things.  Change is the hard part.  I look forward to meeting the new owner of the truck and hope the quality, innovation, and reliability of the Fish Basket brand will be front and center.  In the meantime, I know that Burien Fish House has amazing seafood that I love.

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