Wood Shop BBQ – Coming to a street near you!

I’m in love with these ribs!  After trying the food from Wood Shop BBQ, I have to say this is one of my favorite new trucks. 

A month ago, I saw pit master Matt Davis and super nice food truck owner James Barrington of Hallava Falafel fame at a funding event.  Matt was hidden in the back and he had ribs.  Ribs!  I thought to myself, “Meh.  I’ll try some.”  I was glad I did!  I dream of those ribs.  They were meaty and tender.  There was a little fat but not too much.  The meat, dripping in sauce, fell off the bone.  There’s nothing like a bunch of folks at a funding event covered in barbeque sauce and being completely unapologetic about it.  That night, I heard that Wood Shop BBQ would be launching a food truck.

Smoked ribs – the stuff dreams are made of

Pit Master Matt Davis
Tonight, I went to see the truck (playfully named “Woody”) for the first time at Chuck’s Hop Shop Greenwood.  At 7:30pm, the truck sold out of ribs.  I had hoped it would be a secret for a little while but that was wishful thinking.  I got to try the brisket and it was fantastic!  That smoky, peppery goodness is something I’ll be thinking about for a long, long time.  The pulled pork sandwich was as good as the first time I had it.  Cooked well, flavorful, drenched in sauce and served on a bun – total mess (which is how I judge a good sandwich). 
Brisket Sandwich
Recently, I had the opportunity to find out more about the truck.  Matt attempts to recreate the BBQ of his youth through smoking with hickory firewood.  Hickory adds a robust flavor that Seattleites may not be familiar with.  According to Matt, nothing tastes better than using real wood to cook food.  Partnering that with slow smoking at low temperatures causes the meat to melt into itself.  Yep – I’ll testify – that’s totally true!  Plus, who wouldn’t love a smoker named “Brad Pit?”  Wood Shop BBQ believes the best way to cook meat is to instill big flavor and keep that tender bite. 
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Menu items include a variety of different BBQ fare, inspired by Kansas City, Texas, and other regions.  Drop by the truck to order up some brisket, pulled pork, chicken and ribs!  If sides are your jam, don’t forget the kale caesar, buttermilk coleslaw, and homemade pickles – inspired Southern, Midwestern, and Northwest flavors.  In addition to lovingly prepared meat, the original sauce has been inspired by Kansas City Sauce.  Wood Shop BBQ has bridged the gap by also creating a coffee-infused Seattle Sauce.  Rumor has it that other sauces may be created by partnering with local breweries with seasonal offerings.
Check out Wood Shop BBQ if you have the chance.  So far, I believe the truck is slated to be at Chuck’s and possibly Fremont Sunday Market.  

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