GaiBox | Mobile Mavens

GaiBox at The Bite of Seattle

GaiBox is one of a collection of campers that make up Mobile Mavens.  The concept behind GaiBox is chicken and rice.  Many cultures have a version of the dish.  This version is based on Nong’s Khao Man Gai in Portland, Oregon.

I recently stopped by the camper when they were at The Bite.  You choose a sauce top off your chicken and rice.  I chose the pattaya sauce made of thai chilis, nuoc cham, and sweet vinegar.  I was struck by the fragrant chicken when I scooped a bite to eat.  The herbs pervaded the soft, poached chicken and worked very well with the rice.  

Chicken and Rice with Pattaya Sauce

The rice!  My rice NEVER gets that fluffy when I make it.  They were tiny pillows of puffy goodness cooked in broth.  Delicate in flavor and texture, it was a perfect pairing with the chicken.  The chicken suffered from a common ailment of being poached – it needed more salt.  Also, if you’re into “spice”, their definition of spicy and mine are totally different.  Prefer my chicken and rice spicier but can definitely understand how it would be less so for mainstream purposes.

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