Seoul Kitchen – Korean Fusion Food Truck

One day, two food truck chefs told me about Seoul KitchenThat’s not uncommon.  What is uncommon is the raving I heard about the food.  In the last week, I’ve visited Seoul Kitchen twice. 
My first visit was at 2nd & Pike.  Since I was eating at another truck, I decided to go light, buy a few things, and share with friends.  I got Kimchi Fries ($4), Mochi Beignets ($4), and Hibiscus Lychee Tea ($3).  The truck was just picking up for the lunch rush so my wait was minimal.  Counter staff was friendly and efficient.  I took my booty back to the office to share with others. 
Kimchi Fries
The Kimchi Fries were very good.  Thin, shoestring potatoes form the base of the dish.  It was topped with sweetened gochujang aioli and spicy pork.  The sweetener in the gochujang aioli is a closely guarded secret as I casually asked, and was expertly distracted.  The sweet and savory is a winning combination but the aioli is a little too sweet.  Also, my vegetarian friend made a sad face when I told her about the pork.  It’s a really good dish that could be hit with a bit of salt. 
Mochi Beignets
The Mochi Beignets were a mystery to me.  I’m half Japanese so I’m no stranger to mochi.  I’m also a huge fan of beignets.  This is not what I would name the dish because it doesn’t remotely remind me of a beignet.  Regardless of the name, this is an amazing dessert!  A crisp outer shell wraps warm, chewy filling.  It’s all covered with lovely powdered sugar.  It’s best when eaten warm but on two occasions, hungry (yet lazy) foodies in my office have walked away with a few cold ones, come back, and pestered me about where to get them.  I’ll eat these any day of the week. 
I’m a big fan of signature beverages.  I love the hibiscus lychee iced tea!   Hibiscus is a distinctive flavor that I love in tea.  The combination is refreshing and not too sweet.  It was a great compliment to the food. 
Tofu Bibimap with Basil Curry Sauce
My second visit was at Occidental Park.  The truck was busier than last time and definitely took longer.  This time, I decided to order bibimap.  You start with a bowl for $6 that comes with seasoned white rice, spinach salad, sautéed carrots, soy sprouts, pickled daikon, and seaweed.  From there, you choose a protein (tofu, chicken, pork, or steak) for $2 or $3.  I chose the tofu.  Up next, you choose a sauce – Korean chili, ginger soy, or basil curry.  I asked for a recommendation for which sauce would pair well with the tofu and was given a definitive recommendation for basil curry.  I’m glad I asked because it was spot on and would have been my last choice.  Finally, you can choose optional items such as fried egg ($1), salad ($1), or brown rice ($1).  The tofu was seasoned perfectly and had great texture! The mix of the ingredients was good but the carrots were sautéed a bit too much.  It was good and I want to try more. 
As with all trucks, schedules can vary so track Seoul Kitchen by social media or their website.  


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