BeanFish is Mobile!


The Truck

If you know me, then you know for over a year, I have been visiting BeanFish at Fremont Sunday Market and special events around the Seattle area. I love their taiyaki – both sweet and savory! When I heard months ago that BeanFish would be mobile in 2014, my heart skipped a beat. I can have taiyaki just a short walk from my office in the business district? Brilliant!

On Tuesday, September 17th, BeanFish opened up at 2nd & Pike. I took a few friends to meet them. Along the way, I found folks who hadn’t heard of or tried taiyaki. Well, I’m a believer so I set out to convince them.

Made a new friend – first time trying taiyaki

I was super excited to be part of opening day! I got there a bit before the lunch rush (as always) and grabbed a few – one, two, and three taiyaki to go. What’s nice about them is that they’ve been making this product for a year. I’ve watched it evolve over time. I truly appreciate the fact that they continue to push themselves to elevate flavors and perfect their craft.

Custard taiyaki complete with lipstick

The truck will be at 2nd & Pike again tomorrow (Sept. 18th). Who knows, we may run into each other there. For updates on where to find the truck, follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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