Changes for Crisp Creperie

By now, you may have heard the big news. As reported on Facebook yesterday, Jonathan Amato and Evan Mayer are pursuing a new project and leaving Crisp Creperie
I struggle with the prospect of a change in ownership. Last year, one of my favorite food trucks was sold and it hasn’t been the same. That being said, I’m happy for Jon and Evan. I remember the first day I met them. It was the spring of 2011 at Fremont Sunday Market. They had been on the road for a week or so. Crepes? Yeah. I like crepes. I ordered a seasonal crepe and I was hooked! From that point on, I would compare every crepe I ate to theirs. I don’t even want to think about what my life will be like without their rosemary lemonade. I’m crying a little bit now. #JokingNotJoking
Jon and Evan presented me with a great product each time. Sweet or savory – the crepe was perfect. Weekday lunch, Sunday market, or special event – you would find me at the truck. It’s hard to argue with a consistent product that exceeds your expectations every time. 
And…let’s face it, Jon and Evan are easy on the eyes. Over the years I came to know them and they are truly sweet. I’ve been going to some trucks for years and the owners don’t recognize me, don’t engage with me, and care about very little besides taking my money. Jon and Evan cared what I thought about the food, how my day was going, and could always make me smile when I was feeling down (Evan even wrote a sick note for me once). Although I will miss their smiles, food, and banter, I wish them the best. Be good boys!

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