Jemil’s Big Easy

I’ve been going to Jemil’s Big Easy for years.  When I’m craving Cajun or Creole food, I know where to go!  The staff makes me smile while the food comforts my soul and fills my belly!  Jemil has a kindness about him that’s always made me feel like a member of his family.

Jemil is a warm, generous soul

If you’re looking for variety, Jemil’s has one of the most expansive menus on the street!  I’m almost embarrassed to say that I’ve tried pretty much everything.  The most consistent thing you’ll find is bold spices, which I love!  In addition to the regular menu, Jemil’s is one of the few food trucks in Seattle that consistently runs specials.  This is key for me.  I like variety and I love having something new or an old favorite to mix things up.


My favorite dish is jambalaya.  Something about warm, savory rice makes me feel at ease with the world.  Spicy rice with chicken and smoked sausage bathed in tomatoes, garlic, and peppers brought all together in a harmonious dish.  Yaaaas!

Chicken Basket with Fries

Another favorite is the chicken basket which has tender chicken strips fried crisp with just a bit of kick.  The chicken strips only get better when dipped in Jemil’s signature tiger sauce that gets hotter when you’re not paying attention.  Served up with Cajun fries, this dish is part of my regular rotation.  Keep an eye out for the fried chicken special because it’s a rare but worthy experience!

Catfish Po’ Boy

I love fried catfish po-boys and Jemil’s does it right!  The catfish is seasoned and fried crisp while the inside is juicy and flaky.  Filled with veggies and special sauce on french bread, this is a messy sandwich and that’s fine by me!  Keep your napkins handy because you’ll need them.  It’s always sliced in half in case you want to share (which you won’t).

Check out that line!

Jemil’s is one of my favorite food trucks.  Great food, friendly staff, and home cookin’ like nobody’s business!!!



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