One of two food trucks Nosh has on the streets of Seattle

Although I eat at a lot of food trucks, very few capture my heart. A fantastic food truck is more than great food. It’s value for the consumer, unparalleled customer service, and genuine engagement. That’s what you get with Nosh. I work in downtown Seattle in an area where a lunch less than $15 is rare. The real problem with that is the food is often mediocre and sometimes downright bad. It’s amazing to me that Nosh, as a food truck, can provide better quality, better portions, and better value than most places I eat at near my office.

Harvey Wolff

A perfect example of engagement is the first day I visited the truck at a local brewery years ago. Owner Harvey Wolff (whom I had never met) recognized me from Twitter and took time to talk to me and thank me for supporting the truck. That means a lot. I’ve frequented other trucks for years and they still fail to acknowledge me as a regular but are happy to continue taking my money without a warm “hello.” The truck crew will offer fast, friendly service while serving up your mouthwatering food.

Oh, my! That’s a large fillet!

In terms of food, there’s a reason why Nosh has won so many awards for their fish and chips. It’s the best. Period. From the Seattle Times to Seattle Magazine Reader’s Choice, the awards keep rolling in, confirming that Nosh is the gold standard. The fillets of wild Alaskan cod have gotten progressively bigger over the years. They are fried crisp in beer batter and served hot with fries, minted mushy peas, and house made tartar. The forearm sized fillets are flaky and juicy. For just $11, you’ll be full but I doubt you’ll stop eating.

Fried rabbit – one of my favorites!

I’ve eaten everything on the menu and more than my fair share of specials. Fried rabbit is one of my favorites. Cooking rabbit is challenging but Nosh does a fantastic job! The rabbit is lean but handled well and nicely seasoned. Served with braised cabbage and fries, it’s often the perfect size for me.

Caprese sandwich

I went through a period when all I would eat from Nosh was the caprese sandwich. It’s a perfect combination of flavors. Wrapped in Macrina bread, it’s filled with hand pulled mozzarella, tomatoes, prosciutto, arugula, aioli and balsamic reduction. It’s rustic and light at the same time. Lest you think I’m being too healthy, I assure you, I typically eat this sandwich with a side of fries! Did I mention that they cut those fries by hand each day?

Delicious bone marrow!

Do you know of another food truck that serves roasted bone marrow? I don’t. The soft, rich, fatty goodness is perfect spread on crostini. Here, you get it with shaved red onion, carrots, celery leaf salad with capers and parsley. The fresh ingredients contrast the depth of the bone marrow. What a lovely treat to have!

Nosh lunch date at Occidental Square

Did I mention that I have an ice cold cup of raspberry and mint Arnold Palmer almost every time I visit? Well, I do. It’s sweet, tart, and refreshing! I’m a sucker for a signature drink and I wish more trucks had something besides cans and bottles for sale.

Top notch customer service!

My love affair with Nosh continues indefinitely. I love food trucks but some have their shit together and others don’t. Nosh is an example of a food truck that’s in it to win it which will always keep me coming back for more!

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