Lumpia World

As I write this, I’m trying to figure out how long I’ve been eating at Lumpia World.  I’m thinking it had to be 2007 or 2008.  I remember that day clearly.  I was at Seattle Center for an event.  I saw lumpia and I was magically drawn to it.  Being part Filipina, I grew up with lumpia and although I love to eat it, I rarely make time to prepare it myself.  That is the day I met Derrick Ellis and he shared his story with me.  At the time, they were running a pick up window in Renton and there was no food truck.

As I snapped this pic of the sign, this cutie appeared! 

Fast forward to present day – the hard working team of Derrick and his lovely wife Eleanor have built an amazing family business!  They have two food trucks, two storefronts (one in Tacoma and one in Federal Way), and recently started serving it up on UberEats.  They have a robust catering business and do special events in addition to a regular weekly route.

What I’ve always loved about this family business is that Derrick and Eleanor are real.  They share their joy and their struggles.  Those of us who love Lumpia World are referred to as “FanFam” and it’s true!  They are generous, kind, and hard working.  In 2016, Lumpia World won the category of Best Food Truck in 2016’s Best of Western Washington.  It’s so great to see them living their dreams!

Chicken katsu island mac salad plate

Derrick and Eleanor will tell you that I love the chicken katsu island mac salad plate.  At around $10, it feeds me for two meals (and I eat A LOT).  The panko crusted chicken has just the right amount of crust and is seasoned well.  Mac salad takes me back to my Hawaiian roots with the soft elbow macaroni and a sauce that takes it over the top.

Ginger pork lumpia combo

When I’m not eating the katsu plate, I’ve got a lumpia combo in my hand.  Always four pieces of ginger pork lumpia with garlic vinegar sauce and a side of sexy rice.  Rice can only be made sexier with sprinkles of furikake (rice seasoning) on top!  I’ve also been known to eat an order of Spam island mac which is their signature mac salad topped with crispy diced Spam!  Sometimes, I have the noodle dream and order the veggie pancit.  I love those soft rice vermicelli noodles!

Spam island mac

Eleanor knows I’m completely, and utterly in love with the Thai coconut lumpia.  The crispy outer shell of the lumpia is filled with sweet jasmine rice with coconut milk.  Then, it’s topped with toasted coconut, drizzled with caramel sauce, and dusted with powdered sugar.  It’s got texture, it’s got sweetness, and it steals my heart every time!

Thai coconut lumpia

If you see Lumpia World on the street, do yourself a favor and stop by for a bite to eat.  You’ll have great food at a reasonable price served up by friendly folks!

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