Recap – Rodeo Round-Up #9

Before the lunch rush

In the last week, I’ve been emotionally eating. Between daylight savings time and the election, I’m fairly certain I could have entered a number of competitive eating contests and won big! Luckily, Mobile Food Rodeo and Fremont Sunday Market were back at it over the weekend, gathering a varied selection of street food to satisfy my incessant appetite.

Warm heaters!

I love this season and look forward to monthly food truck events that are manageable in size and scope. Around 10-15 trucks is an ideal experience for me, although I do attend the much larger events in Seattle as well. As always, do your homework to figure out what trucks you want to go to, gather a few friends to share with, and prepare for the weather. It rained very little while I was there today and they had propane heaters out to keep warm.

Kiss My Grits – Shrimp & Grits


A few weeks ago, Kiss My Grits reported a switch to Adluh Stone Ground Grits made in South Carolina. I’m not a grits expert but I do love it and was excited to try it out! By far, my favorite dish from KMG is shrimp and grits. It’s hard to imagine a more consistent preparation of shrimp that is cooked perfectly, never rubbery. Bacon makes it a party that everyone wants to be at! Mushrooms add an earthy tone that balances the different textures and flavors. A squeeze of lemon brings it all together. The grits were very fluffy and tasty! This is still my favorite dish and I’ll continue eating it as long as they make it!

Lumpia World – Big Girl Combo


Lumpia World doesn’t get up to North Seattle often but when they do, I’m there! This family owned business is always a refreshing sight at a food truck event. I’m fortunate to be counted as one of the “fan fam!” During a food truck event, I’ll go a bit small with something like a┬ábig girl plate which includes 4 lumpia of your choosing and an order of sexy rice. Rice can only be sexier with a healthy dose of furikake on top. Don’t forget to choose a dipping sauce for your savory lumpia. For dessert, my all time favorite is the RPL. What’s that? Thai coconut jasmine rice pudding lumpia topped with caramel and coated with dried coconut flakes. Sound amazing? Darn right it does! Get the RPL – tell them monyb sent you. You’re welcome.

Don Lucho’s – Lomo Saltado Tacos

If you live in North Seattle, then you know about Don Lucho’s. Before today, I’d had the sandwiches which are hearty and well balanced. During a food truck event, I have to pace my eating and go smaller because I’m in it to win it! Today, I picked up a couple of lomo saltado tacos – flamed steak, veggies, and a sauce to pull it all together. It was the perfect size for snacking and I’m looking forward to trying more of the tacos. BTW…they sell Inca Cola on the truck. Don’t know about Inca? Try it.

Seoul Kitchen – Mochi Beignets

To round out my day, I stopped by Seoul Kitchen for an order of mochi beignets. I’ve always thought that “mochi beignets” were not descriptive of the dish. Basically, it’s a fried ball of rice flour dough (think mochi) that is fried crisp outside and rolled in powdered sugar. The dish has been a signature dish of the truck since it started rolling in 2015.

Biscuit Box – Foraged Mushroom Biscuit

I also visited Biscuit Box to buy something for a friend. It took quite a bit of strength for me to pass this lovely foraged mushroom biscuit but at least I got a picture of it! Yum!

Overall, another successful food truck event. If you missed this one, not to worry, the next one is already scheduled for December 11th!


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