CheBogz Filipino Food Truck


Honestly, they had me at “lumpia.” I caught up with CheBogz recently at a‘s Sodolicious Extravaganza at Starbucks Corporate Headquarters.

Mango drink

As I waited for my food, I was struck by the interactions of staff with customers. For a new truck, I was impressed with the level of service. Also, the food came out fairly quickly, which surprised me on such a busy day.

Lumpia, pancit, and rice

The menu had good variety but I knew I had to try the lumpia, pancit, and rice. At $7, I found myself wondering about the portion size. Well, it was more than enough! In fact, I had to share with a friend because I was full. The lumpia was warm out of the fryer and a sweet chili sauce was served with it. The pancit was what I expected in terms of texture and flavor. I ordered mango juice with coconut milk to wash it down. The sweet, creamy drink was perfect for a warm summer/fall kinda day.

Island combo

The next day, I was at Shoreline Farmers Market and was surprised to see CheBogz there. It was a rainy day near the end of the market season. The market sets up tents and seating for people and monitor the areas to keep it as dry as possible. I ordered the island combo and an order of free lumpia, which you get if you them on Instagram or Facebook. The island combo had a bit of everything: lumpia, pancit, rice, shrimp, longanisa, and pork sparerib. The lumpia, pancit, and rice were as good as the day before. Longanisa can be prepared different ways. I like the way it was prepared here, with the sausage intact and simply sliced down the middle. The pork sparerib was gooey, sticky, and caramelized! It was flavorful and messy!

Lumpia – 5 pieces

Excited to see more of the truck in the future. I think there are some tweaks that could be made to improve but overall, I like their food.

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