Road Trip – Original Big Island Shave Ice Co.

Trailer in Kawaihae

Before I left Seattle for vacation in Hawaii, I had firmly decided that Original Big Island Shave Ice Co., a food trailer in Kawaihae was on my list to visit.

Chocolate Sundae

I was the second person in line when they opened.  I heard the line can get long and honestly, my Seattle sensibilities don’t handle heat well.  I had drooled over the chocolate sundae for months and my time had come!  Vanilla ice cream, chocolate drizzle, condensed cream, whipped cream and a chocolate wafer.  That’s my idea of a good time.  The combination of the ingredients gave the shave ice a creamy texture and each bite was more decadent than the last.  I’d never had chocolate shave ice before and it was amazing!  At only $5.25, it’s a steal!

Green Tea Special

Well, that wasn’t enough.  I was back at it on a warm day at the beach.  A group of us snuck away from the larger group for a shave ice run.  This time, I got the green tea special.  This treat was made of vanilla ice cream, green tea syrup, condensed cream, azuki beans, and mochi.  The distinctive green tea flavor was perfectly complimented by everything else!  The mochi was soft and contrasted by the cold temperature of the ice and ice cream.

I look forward to the day when someone in Seattle makes a shave ice of this caliber.  Until then, I’ll be dreaming of this trailer and wondering what I’ll order the next time I return.

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