Recap – Back-to-School Truck-In

Peasant Food Manifesto at the entrance to the Truck-In

So many food truck events, so little time. This summer has been filled with them and my only complaint is I can’t go to them all! As you may have noticed, I’m also a little behind on posts. That silly day job and personal life has me occupied a bit. I’ll be working over the next few weeks to catch up on recapping events.

Fun for kids of all ages

I’ve been to a few events put on by and I’ve had a blast. This one was a really nice way to say goodbye to summer. The Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market right next door is great for consumers – fresh produce, artisan products, crafts, and more! As you can see from the picture above, there’s plenty to enjoy at this event. In the background is a bouncy house. Who doesn’t love a bouncy house?!?! Also, an antique fire engine was there for kids of all ages to enjoy. NOTE: The picture of me sitting in the driver’s seat with the very tiny yellow hat has been omitted from this post.

The new layout

Great weather makes a great event event better! It was truly a gorgeous day filled with sunshine, blue skies, and happy smiles. The truck layout was a bit different but I think it worked well. It was easy to walk from truck to truck to see what you were going to order. I love food truck events and I keep coming back to this one because of the laid back vibe. Even when it’s really busy, the lines are manageable and hey, who couldn’t use a few minutes to work on their tan?

Inigo Montoya Shakshuka from Peasant Food Manifesto

One of my stops was at Peasant Food Manifesto. I got the Inigo Montoya Shakshuka for $9. What is shakshuka? As described by the truck, it’s an Israeli Tunisian dish of over easy egg in a spicy tomato sauce with greens fused with Uli’s Spanish chorizo, feta cheese, and flatbread. If meat is not your jam, they offer a vegetarian option for $8 and you can always add an extra egg for $2. The flavors worked well together – the greens and the tomato sauce had it going on. One suggestion would be to grind the tomatoes down a bit. They were skinned but some were in large chucks. Also, adding a few large bits of chorizo would also add to the heartiness. It wasn’t what I would call spicy but I can see that some would. The dish overall was a bit small for the $9 price point (I was still hungry afterwards). I would definitely add that extra egg because…egg. That runny yolk all over everything…well, you know!

Cheese Pizza from Wicked Pies

I also stopped by Wicked Pies, a New York style pizza truck. As far as cheese pizzas go, it was good. I loved the crust and the cheese was ridiculously stringy. Love that! The pizza as a whole was a bit greasy.

D’Ambrosio gelato from Wicked Pies

Wicked Pies also serves D’Ambrosio gelato. If there is anything better than a scoop of gelato on a warm summer day, please let me know what it is. Love!

I was exhausted at the end of summer. Now, as I look back on the fun I had, I’m can’t wait until next year! See you next time I get my food truckery on!

2 thoughts on “Recap – Back-to-School Truck-In

  1. I agree this type of place is so good for having fun for kids of all ages. I love to try food of different restaurants but the food seems in pictures is really delicious. Great idea to hire a food truck for NYC events. I am sure guests will enjoy the food stuff.


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