Alaska Weathervane is Searing Scallops on the Streets

For many years, I’ve enjoyed Alaska Weathervane Scallops at Ballard SeafoodFest. I’d wait patiently for the year to pass and it would always be my first stop of the day. If I’m honest, I’d have to admit that it would also be my last stop to pick up dinner to go. From then on, it would be a year long wait until I’d get to see them again. Months ago, I heard about the truck getting ready to hit the streets.

The truck

I’m a picky scallop eater that often refuses to order them in restaurants because of many disappointments. Scallops are a simple ingredient which is often ruined by overcooking, bland flavor, or poor pairings. I’ve asked myself many times why Alaska Weathervane can do what so few restaurants can do consistently in Seattle. I’ve stopped asking myself that question and am content to marvel in the flavors of their small but delicious menu.

Scallops with risotto and marsala mushroom sauce

My favorite dish is the scallops with risotto and marsala mushroom sauce. The creamy sauce, fresh mushrooms, and perfectly cooked scallops get me every time. The sear is perfect; the scallops are juicy. The rice is creamy and filling. It’s been that way each time I’ve ordered it. The truck was recently at the Mobile Food Rodeo. I ran into a foodie friend. She asked me what she should get since there were so many trucks and street food vendors. I pointed to the truck and told her she should get some scallops. She didn’t seem enthusiastic. I shrugged and said it was up to her but honestly, it would be one of the best things she ate that day. I heard from her a few days later and sure enough, she loved it!


I’m also a fan of the scallorito – scallops, bacon, pesto coleslaw, cilantro, and onions in tortillas. Eaten like a taco, it offers satisfying bites of meaty scallops and fresh elements that make it pop!

I’m happy to see Alaska Weathervane on the streets and hope that I can always get to them. I’m loving that I don’t have to wait a year to see them!

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