Recap – 2nd Annual Truck-In

June 7, 2014, marked the opening day of the Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market and the 2nd Annual Truck-In.  It’s hard to imagine a more gorgeous day – blue skies, sunshine, and that summertime feel. did a great job of warning folks about the traffic that day.  It was definitely busy coming from North Seattle, where I live. Once I got to the event, it was smooth sailing.  I had zero problems finding parking.  When I got there, live music was playing and I laid eyes on the most adorable couple dancing.  Great way to set the tone for the day! 
Cathy (Xplosive) serving it up with her signature smile!

The beautiful weather brought people out in droves.  It was still easy to move around but some of the trucks had long lines.  No matter, waiting is easy when everyone is happy.  It was great to see so many people turn out! 

12-inch lemongrass pork banh mi from Xplosive

I rarely get to see Xplosive anymore because I’m on the other side of town from their lunch route. I was excited to visit with Cathy, Mano, and the gang (not to mention grab some Vietnamese coffee, bahn mi, and tacos). I’ve had just about everything on their menu. Cheap, filling, and flavorful is all you need to know! Visit them on their regular route for a bite of their fantastic tofu (not served for most events). Yes, I said tofu. I’m a meat eater but I can’t get enough of it! 

Alligator Gumbo from Jemil’s Big Easy


The gang from Jemil’s Big Easy was on hand and I couldn’t pass on the alligator gumbo I missed a few weeks ago. Even on a warm, sunny day, that gumbo is comfort in a bowl! Their line was hopping most of the day! 
Handsome Harvey (NOSH)
I’ve seen a lot of food trucks in Seattle over the years. I’m often skeptical of new trucks that don’t deliver service, food quality, or value. Let me say that NOSH is one of the best newer trucks I’ve had the pleasure of dining at ’cause they hit every mark. Whether it’s fish and chips, fried rabbit (my fave!), or caprese sandwiches, I’ve loved every minute of it! On this particular day, Handsome Harvey hooked it up with a caprese sandwich. That hand pulled mozzarella is to die for! 
Caprese sandwich from NOSH
In my leisurely pace, I underestimated the power of the trucks.  They did really well and a number of them ran out of portions of their menus and some even sold out completely. That was my bad – I should have planned better. I spent most of the day talking to people – both new acquaintances and old friends. 

After the event was over, I spent a few hours at the Marina.  I saw a hungry seal begging for food and a bald eagle being chased by about 50 seagulls and crows.  It was the perfect way to relax. All of my uploaded photos for that day can be found in my Flickr album:
Overall, another successful event for!  Truckin’ awesome!!!

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