Recap – May 24th Uwajimaya Big Tent & Food Truck Event

From time to time, the Renton location of Uwajimaya hosts food trucks.  On May 24th, I attended the Big Tent and Food Truck Event.  This store location is a bit different than the one in the International District so I’m glad food trucks bring me out to shop and eat.  I always buy some poke, fresh produce, and a few snacks that I can’t get at a regular grocery store.  My best find this weekend – HUGE mangoes for $1 a piece.  I bought them green and I can’t wait to make a batch of Hawaiian style pickled mango.

A few trucks were onsite to feed hungry shoppers: Big Boys Filipino Food Truck, Fish Basket, Jemil’s Big Easy, The Box, and Tokyo Dog.  I love coming here because it’s a laid back atmosphere.  It’s not overly crowded and although lines may get long (depending on the truck), in general, I find it easy to get around.  The spirit for is like a reunion where I have time to talk to owners, staff, and often run into a few friends.  In fact, I ran into some family friends that I didn’t know were coming.

Prawns and Chips from Fish Basket

Fish Basket has fantastic food!  I’ve been going to the truck for a long time and appreciate the kindness of Van, Amanda, and everyone else that works the truck.  My favorite is the NW salmon tacos.  The balance of flavors is complex and is everything I dreamed a fish taco could be.  On Saturday, I got to sample the prawns.  Wow!  Through that crisp batter, you can taste the meaty prawn with perfect texture.  I must say, if you’re concerned about the price of items on this truck, don’t be.  It is worth every penny and more!  I’ve had better seafood here than in countless restaurants in Seattle.

Jemil’s Big Easy was on hand with many fan favorites.  My tummy got the yummy of jambalaya, chicken basket, and sweet tea.  The jambalaya is always spiced well and my “go to” dish.  I’m always comforted by a bowl.  The chicken basket has lovely, crispy strips with just the right amount of spice.  My kiddo and I both love the chicken strips.  The only thing I love more is probably the fried chicken special (when available).  The sweet tea is a refreshing beverage on a sunny day.

Kalbi Skewers from The Box

The Box.  How I love you!  Why won’t you come to Seattle anymore?  This is by far one of my favorite food trucks despite the fact that I hardly get to see it.  My favorite is chicken karaage and I had to get some this weekend.  It was just as I remember….fried chicken (notice a pattern here) with a bit of sweet and spicy sauce.  I love the karaage recipe here!  Toss in some kalbi skewers and pork belly bao and let me tell you, your life will change!

Overall, a pretty solid day of food truckery hitting 3 of 5 trucks.  As of the writing of this post, Uwajimaya has confirmed a second Big Tent & Food Truck Event for June 7th.  As always, if you’re interested in checking out the food before you eat at a truck, find my pictures of my food truckery on Flickr or on’s phone applications.  In case you weren’t aware, is a great resource for finding out more about food trucks, getting easy links to their websites, and tracking down trucks around the Seattle metro area.

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