Mobile Food Rodeo Tips – Part 3

Today is the first day of the Mobile Food Rodeo.  You’ve done all your planning and you’re ready to go.

Each truck is required to have a $5 dish.  My final tip is to do your research on this. Follow the food truck on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever form of social media they participate in.  Starting the night before the Rodeo leading up until it starts, trucks will be posting their special dishes. 

Trucks will also be posting their entries into the Taco Libre Showdown. The winner receives the Golden Taco Award.

Off The Rez posted their Taco Libre Showdown entry this morning: 
If you don’t catch it on social media, as soon as you get to the Rodeo, do a quick walk-through to see all the specials and Taco Showdown entries.  These are not regular menu items and from my perspective, some of them are quite innovative and tasty.

Time for me to sign off and get going. Have a wonderful Rodeo and hope to see you there! 

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