Mobile Food Rodeo Tips – Part 2

The countdown continues to Mobile Food Rodeo on May 3rd (International District) and May 4th (Fremont)!  Now that you’ve begun preparing for this amazing 2-day event, it’s time to get serious.  Planning when to arrive at the Rodeo is important.

2013 Mobile Food Rodeo – Fremont

Priority Access: If you have a VIF (Very Important Foodie) Pass, you’re pretty much set.  Not only do you receive swag (with some packages), but you also have priority access in lines.  I’ve been to every Rodeo, believe me, this is worth it!  If you decide not to get one, admission is always free but you may have to wait awhile for your food.

Other Events: It’s a great idea to be aware of any events in the area that may impede traffic or parking.  For instance, on May 3rd when the Rodeo is in the ID, there is a Sounders game later in the evening.  It’s a great vibe but plan accordingly.  It’s worth checking into because it’s a real bummer to be stuck in traffic or trolling for parking when it cuts into your Rodeo time.

Size of Group: If you are coming with a group of people, when you come may not be as important.  If, for instance, you come as a group of 6, each of you can stand in a line to buy a dish and share.  If it’s just two of you, you may want to come early because you’ll have multiple lines to taste more food.

Choice of Trucks: If you know a truck you want to eat at is popular, you may want to get there early.  Trucks prepare for the Rodeo but the reality is that they only have so much storage space for supplies.  Trucks may run out of specific dishes or completely sell out.  If that happens, please be compassionate.  They want to sell you food but sometimes demand exceeds supply.

Po’ Boy – Jemil’s Big Easy

Excited about the Rodeo yet?  Me too!!! See you Saturday with one last post before the Rodeo.

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