T’Juana Tacos Has a New Look

In early 2019, T’Juana Tacos came on the scene serving authentic Mexican cuisine. They’ve become a staple over the years at many markets, events, and pop ups serving a regular menu, rotating specials, and Sunday brunch dishes. Last year, T’Juana Tacos launched a food truck, which was recently re-wrapped.   

T’Juana Tacos started at local markets

T’Juana Tacos makes food with locally grown ingredients. The menu is a mix of classic street food and family recipes, handed down over generations. They have gluten-free options, vegan dishes, and halal steak and chicken. One of the highlights for me are the homemade corn tortillas using abuelita’s recipe. It’s non-GMO, gluten free, and from scratch every time.

Sleek, new look for T’Juana Tacos food truck

I’ve eaten so many dishes from T’Juana Tacos over the years, it’s hard to keep track of them all. I’ll highlight some below. Just be aware that some are regular menu items, some were specials, and some are brunch only dishes.

Ahogado Tacos are filled with a protein of your choice and drowned in a spicy tomato sauce. I’m a well-known meat lover but the vegan medley is my favorite! Other proteins include asada, pork stew, and chicken.

Ahogado Tacos

Chorizo Breakfast Burrito is a fan favorite, Sunday-only special. It’s one of my favorite dishes filled with cheese, crispy tots, scrambled eggs, housemade pork chorizo, onion, cilantro, and salsa of your choice. I’ve stocked up on these before and put them in my freezer so I can enjoy them whenever the craving hits.

Chorizo Breakfast Burrito

Pork Cochinita Pibil was a special I tried early in the pandemic. I banana leaf wrapped pork, cilantro rice, black beans, pickled onions, habanero sauce and organic blue corn tortillas on the side. The banana leaf added extra moisture and flavor!

Pork Cochinita Pibil

Chorizo Chilaquiles is a classic breakfast special. The tortilla chips are smothered in guajillo sauce and oaxacan cheese, served with chorizo and eggs, and topped with onion and cilantro.

Chorizo Chilaquiles

Beef Birria Grilled Cheese is one of the more recent specials and one of my favorites. It’s oaxacan cheese on sourdough, served with consommé on the side. The beef dip with the dreamy cheese pull is enough to lure any grilled cheese lover to the truck.

Beef Birria Grilled Cheese

I can go on and on about the things I’ve eaten at T’Juana Tacos. The new wrap on their truck is not the only big news. They will be serving food at Nacho Borracho, located at 209 Broadway E in Seattle, starting on November 1st! I hope to swing by real soon to see what they’ve got in store for their menu!

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