9 Must Try Dishes at the 2014 Seattle Street Food Festival

Today marks the return of the Seattle Street Food Festival.  For two days, hungry foodies will converge on Capitol Hill at Cal Anderson Park in search of the city’s best street food.  If waiting in long lines are not your jam, wait in shorter lines by purchasing Very Important Foodie (VIF) passes.  From my perspective, these passes are totally worth the money.

Last year, I was unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict.  After reviewing the line up, I found myself thinking about the wonderful dishes I’ve had over the years and thought I would share them with you (in alphabetical order).


You can typically find Beanfish each week at Fremont Sunday Market. Rain or shine, they serve up taiyaki to street food fans. Fresh specials like the Kobe beef in addition to traditional favorites like azuki bean keep me coming back for more. Easily handheld, this is the perfect traveling food.

Crisp Creperie

Crisp continues to turn it up after a few years on the street. They have a unique batter and innovative recipes. Sweet or savory, you can’t go wrong. One of my current faves is the banana and salted caramel. Yes, it contains bananas. Did I also mention that it has banana pudding and Nilla wafers? Enough said. The salted caramel has creamy depth of flavor that elevates this dish. Don’t forget to grab some rosemary lemonade while you’re there!

Jemil’s Big Easy

Fan favorite Jemil’s Big Easy returns to the festival. While I’m sure they’ll have a special, I’m equally sure they will have my faves like jambalaya. Grab four spoons and you’re ready to share with your friends (or not). Whether you’re into catfish or chicken strips, they’ve got you covered.

Los Agaves

Los Agaves can be found at farmers markets around the city. I’ve been impressed with the consistency of their food (always good). I love grabbing a plate of nachos to share with friends.  It gives me a chance to savor the ingredients and not fill up (so there’s room for TONS more food).

Lumpia World

I’ve been eating at Lumpia World for years, well before they had a trailer. Lumpia makes great traveling food at a reasonable cost. You can get a sweet coconut rice pudding lumpia or ginger pork lumpia with your choice of sauce for just a few dollars.  Another winning dish is the island mac with SPAM. That’s right…SPAM!!! Comfort food for your belly.


This truck has it going on. My favorite dish is fried rabbit and they’ll be running a special on it at the festival for $5. For just $5, this dish will change your life!  Crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.  NOSH has well-seasoned dishes for a reasonable price.  Handcut fries are a win as well as just about anything on their menu.

My Sweet lil Cakes

My favorite savory waffle is the chicken and waffle.  However, the last time I saw My Sweet lil Cakes, I tried this sweet waffle – blueberry lemon ricotta.  It was fantastic!  Constrasting flavors with ripe blueberries, citrusy lemon, and creaminess of the ricotta.  Again, perfect street food for traveling!

Off the Rez

By far, the pork frybread taco from Off the Rez is my all-time favorite savory.  That marinated, pulled pork is juicy and flavorful.  Just the right toppings combine to make it the perfect bite.  The sweets are always yummy with classics such as Nutella but offering seasonal flavors depending on what’s growing.

Papa Bois

Lavender cucumber lemonade from Papa Bois. Sound refreshing? Well, it is!  Combine that with spicy jerk chicken wings and the experience is heavenly.  The wings are a bit larger than I’m used to but those flavors are bold and definitely worth a try.

The Seattle Street Food Festival runs from 5pm to 11pm on Friday, August 8th and 12pm to 10pm on Saturday, August 9th. Don’t be a stranger…say hello if you see me on the street!

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